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Door Repairs

Southampton | Winchester | New Forest

Door servicing, faulty mechanisms, broken handles & faulty locks, don't replace when you can repair.

Door repairs in Southampton

Door Repairs Southampton

Door Repairs & Servicing

At Double Glazing Repair UK, we understand the crucial role that doors play in the security, functionality, and aesthetics of your home or business. Our dedicated door repair and servicing solutions are designed to ensure that your doors operate smoothly, securely, and efficiently at all times. Whether you need repairs for a damaged door or regular maintenance to prevent issues in the future, we're here to help.

Our Services

  • Door Repairs: From minor adjustments to major fixes, our skilled technicians have the expertise to repair a wide range of door issues, including squeaking hinges, sticking doors, damaged frames, and more. We'll assess the problem thoroughly and provide efficient solutions to restore your door to optimal condition.

  • Lock and Latch Servicing: A malfunctioning lock or latch can compromise the security of your property. Our team specializes in servicing and repairing locks and latches, ensuring that your doors provide reliable protection against intruders.

  • Weather Stripping Replacement: Worn or damaged weather stripping can lead to drafts, moisture intrusion, and energy loss. We can replace worn weather stripping with high-quality materials, improving energy efficiency and comfort in your home or business.

PLUS: Cat flaps, servicing, door panels, double glazed units, door re-alignment.

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